About Us:

Travel Spree is a travel planning company founded by a bunch of travel junkies who felt as if getting away ran in their blood. The online beginning was set in stone in the summer of 2012 and has been making trips more accessible, more affordable, and hassle-free ever since.

The business is growing through investments in new technology, training, and global partnerships. Vacation packages, cruises, hot hotel deals, yacht services, visa services, travel insurance, Marhaba services, medical and wellness tourism, MICE bookings, sightseeing, and excursions; quick on-call booking; airport transfers; forex; events and conferences; recreational activities; 24-hour support; and end-to-end services are now available.

What distinguishes Travel Spree? We go to great lengths to ensure that what you see is what you get, i.e., complete transparency on quoted fares and prices with no hidden costs. We offer a personalized service that adapts to specific travel requirements and offers help and support even when things do not go according to plan.

A strong and vast clientele of more than twelve thousand happy customers boasts as the backbone of our company. Travel Spree is dedicated to offering customers the most affordable, high-quality travel options possible. In order to suit the needs of corporate travelers for business travel and to share the marvels of the globe with tourists, we offer high-touch services.

In B2B collaborations, we have more than 3500 partners worldwide in places like Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, as well as Mauritius, the United Kingdom, and France, to name a few.

Travel Tit-Bits/ Fillers:

A life without journeys is one not lived at all

Traveling is the spice of life!

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

So many places, so little time.

Travel is food for the soul.

We have the answers to your travel needs. Call us now!

Fly the friendly skies with us.

Live your travel dreams!

No borders, no lines. Just you and the world.

Where the journey begins!

Why us?

Employee-Owned: As an employee-owned travel company with a strict code of ethics and a commitment to providing excellent client service, we are exceptional. Our vision and values serve as the foundation of our thriving corporate culture.

Award-Winning: Our nationally recognized business is frequently rated as one of the top agencies in the nation. Our dedication to our work has led to us being recognized on numerous occasions as one of the "Best Places to Work" in Digixx Awards 2022.

Engaged: Our executive team participates actively on numerous advisory boards and committees for the travel industry, including major hotel chains, airlines, and travel associations like IATA, TAFO, and Travel + Leisure. We participate in our industry, and people from all corners of it continue to ask us for our comments. We are introducing our central executive team.

Connected: Travel Spree is a leading member of the esteemed Signature Travel Network, a renowned international alliance that enables us to offer our customers unrivaled perks and added value while they travel. We are an affiliate of Resort World Cruise, a Premium Member of the Society of International Travel Advisors, and a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line International Association.

Honest prices: We offer the most affordable tour rates, and our wide variety of locations will keep even ardent travelers interested.

Reliable partners: We collaborate with top tour companies, and all of them have established their professionalism over time.

Full Service: In addition to the ticket, we offer everything a tourist would require when traveling overseas.

Quality Guarantee: We don't want our visitors to stress about getting the right paperwork and documentation.

Full support: By contacting us, you can receive full assistance with everything from selecting a tour to receiving suggestions on what to pack for a vacation.

Document processing: You won't have to stress about handling the required documentation if you work with us.


To transform the globe into a place where everyone is encouraged to explore.


We connect people to positive personal experiences through travel, encouraging them to see the world in new ways.

Our services:

The extensive list of amenities we offer at Travel Spree is listed below:

Flight & Hotel Booking

Holiday Packages

MICE Bookings

Sightseeing & Excursions

Quick On-call Booking

Airport Transfers & Marhaba Services

Visa, Forex & Travel Insurance

Events & Conferences

Recreational Activities

24x7 Assistance & End-to-End services

Medical & Wellness Tourism

Core Features:

Largest B2B Network across borders: More than 3500 collaborations across 10 different countries make up the robust and devoted global business-to-business networks that Travel Spree takes a sense of accomplishment in. We don't believe in borders; instead, we treat everyone like one huge family without distinctions.

Dedicated SPOC: In order to deliver the level of convenience and personalization that today's consumers want, the company believes in offering Single Point Of Control systems, wherein we assign a single assistant to handle all of your challenges while you travel with us.

23 Years of seasoned and experienced staff: Travel Spree places a strong emphasis on perfection, thus the reason we exclusively recruit candidates who are firmly ingrained in the tourism sector and have more than two decades of expertise in lowering the expense, simplifying, and securing travel for all. After all, a package can only contain the best of everything when the agents are seasoned.

Seamless and Personalized services: We understand the value of hassle-free transitions from one location to the next since we are travel junkies ourselves. This ought to be the biggest aspiration of all travelers. Because of this, we provide every consumer with individualized, flexible support in addition to uninterrupted and impeccable excursion experiences.

Our Team:

Our consultants put in a lot of effort every day to help our customers as members of the Travel Spree team. They have a strong sense of obligation to maintain and develop those ties. Their ties and difficulties are their responsibility.

At Travel Spree, we are a network of doers that are always looking for the finest alternatives. We enjoy a challenge; we rise to the occasion and demonstrate our value and worth to the clients we serve every day.

Our partnership is stronger. Real business partners understand the interdependence and symbiotic relationship between individuals and organizations. And more than 3500 business collaborations in more than 10 different countries around the world have demonstrated it to be true.

Because they are aware that every choice they make and partner they pick represents their culture, reputation, and dedication to their employees and business, so many businesses decide to collaborate with Travel Spree.


The following are a few of Travel Spree's numerous outstanding accomplishments:

Prime Suppliers: One of the most crucial bases for success in business is cultivating good relationships. Belief in this Travel Spree makes it to the top supplier for B2B partners both domestically and internationally.

At the top: Getting together is the start; staying together is the progress; and succeeding together is the goal. which is why our company, which offers pilgrimage tours to places like Chardham, Kashi-Vishwanath, and Dwarkadheesh, to name a few, takes great pride in ranking among the top 5 inbound operators in India.

Successful Events: To inspire and motivate others to work hard, endure adversity, and achieve greatness. For more than 500 passengers worldwide, our company has successfully completed a number of conferences, events, and incentive meetings.

Industry Associations: A team cannot be made up of just one man, yet he can be an essential component. We therefore collaborate and are affiliated with more than 3,500 colleagues both in India and abroad.

Corporate Clients: We believe in solid alliances and partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We have dealt with the Indian operations of big global brands like Samsung, Renault, Medibuddy, and Apollo Hospitals in the same vein.